Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Tell Me About You?

Talk vessels we damn ourselves with all too often. Please can we talk about our bodies. Please can we see them as they are, play things for our souls.
I walk down a dark alley of humanity with the words I spill on these pages, let them bleed, let them turn ice faces and steely minds to water and molten respectively.
As I walk this secretive alley I see others, still strolling the main roads, maybe weaker for not looking at the filth in the corners.
So lets talk about bodies, blood, fucking, fetish, frivolous fun and scaled contracts. I wanna see walls come down and some lines get drawn where before there was only grey veils.

‘Could I tell you a story?’
‘Or two?’
‘A few words seem ever insufficient.’

I assume your co-operation through text based media.

Meet Evangeline

*  *  *  *  *

(Continuing after WGB Collection)