Vile Rage

Boys will be boys will not be good enough. In the grips of violence and vile pretense. EThe Rock apes dance like ungrateful cannon fodder, the physic of wretched fools. Fancy it’s time to stop these crimes and quit the Nancy reactions like ‘It’s just a of fun’ till someone cops a flare to the face.

But really that is no care to me, I worry the more than insidious. That hideous tale boys tell their boys ‘winner is the only one that deserves respect and to all others neglect.’

No I don’t respect your victories. I don’t respect the misery you claim mirrors nothing you do. No I don’t respect any dialect that protects fools who remain foolish. I don’t accept differing opinions when it comes to this position, not when children are the victims. I don’t care for the size of your car’s Pistons. I don’t care for ‘no such thing as rape’ 

In truth I’d duck tape you down so you can’t make a sound, put a round to your head and break  your legs.

No, I have no mercy for your lack of curtiousy. Actually you deserve me the vulgar queen. Your sins aren’t yours, no simply your flaws, no clause of law will save you. You’re just a slave too. Pity where pity is due but litanies and mantras do not excuse you, I can match any vigor for belligerency. There is no such thing as a dress too short that you ought abuse.

‘So what’s up buttercup?’ Utter scum, I won’t stop at one, not done till no son is left dumb and no daughter ought to fear the smear of an XY peer.

Let’s be clear, rear Devils, I will level you.



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