Winter lets me know I’m real. As I pass the place that she knew and used, under the fig trees she figured out her due doubts, sundered in two.
She had one thing of a few that she knew, now, at least how to feel real. And 4 or 3 later she is pattering around the edge of matter and consequence. I seek recompense from henceforth, she hit the peck ages ago and now the creaking floor boards that she poured her tensity onto in every last bitty litty bit sit moored.
it was her litany and he remembers just how lies got let loose the mutiny was caused by the pauses between the clauses of the sentences exchanged… and strange how dangerous talking can be.

See, now stalking a stranger, her Facebook has majorly changed she’s cooked and estranged from the girl hurled into intensity curled like the pinky of propensity around her sanity.

The vanity was only a product of her improper conduct, and struck he is in the muck and grime that maybe in the time beyond school you’re more of a fool. We were blessed to be climbing with the best of friends, not those you may close your interests on later, see mate the, alligators are, out in number, but our minds are still under the clout of slumber. Just without the hunger.
And without the same doubt she made a blunder.
but one hundred years will pass and a close group of peers would still bring the truth nearer to your ears than the jeers, cheers, sneers from those only linked by beers.

🎐 🍙


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