In a moment it appear the world could crack under our feet, in no literal sense. In our hands our own survival, obvious to almost all, the gravity of this however is lost, as comments from both sides fire and bombs fall on militant be-headers.

Watching the news, I strain my mind to see the small details I may have missed. The refusal for compassion on both sides mounting as old men celebrate the days in which war was well contained to a battlefield, one merely fled or was fodder for flying led.
All these details. Will an ejected Greece fall to ill will and bitter resentment only to see violence injected by a silent force from Ukraine? This culture of uproar does it serve for greatness even when the powers that play on and off the public paparazzi pressures lack the bite to call for action?

But again my mind crawls through the smallest of details and links. No reprieve for smugglers, as embargoes may be set while all the firing squad’s laws see is economy; down the filament all I see is bloodshed.
The world is forfeit to ministers who hold rhetoric behind their teeth, ready to riposte any claws, fangs or talons that may clutch that elusive rabbit known as truth.

When is the hawk told to clip it’s claws for the ego of the olden golden day thinking men who strap themselves with their old wounds to pretend their eyes can see the future not split up into only two – rich and poor.
When is the wolf told it’s use of it’s fangs is ill advised and frowned upon even when justice is served as fresh as the blood that runs off the hands of corporate, yet still they frown.

But again these damned links, how many damned links with stab this rabbit and platter it immaculately explained till the message is got? HOW MANY? Humanity is hanging limp in the hands of those who would weigh it against gold, or in heads held so constantly misguided toward stately mattes that no person could ever truly be worldly a patriot.

So this night I trace the filaments of our current age hoping to see in advance the hairline fracture that spells our exponential event horizon to annihilation.

🎍 🌊


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