Sitting by the Sea

The rocks bare, the marks of a thousand wave breaking upon the shore. The sand is pooled so randomly by the ever-present Indian sea breeze, in the cracks of the lime stone. in of one these little caverns an ant scurries oblivious, clinging to a vine of sea grapes. my lover sits to the left of me, her head tucked under the lengths of my hair.
The ant struggles against the coming sunset to tow the lump of sea grapes to its little slice of the world. at this moment I wonder. what does this small ant’s world feel like? when we humans are not content with the natural world nor the marvels we’ve created. yet this ant only knows the struggle. These great grapes, as I cradle a love more complex than life itself in the same moment.
I may know majesty. It may only know this tiny slice of the globe.



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