Coins and Credits – Nothing to the Deaded

Aces limited you keep faith in those in your hands, as if the deck is empty.
I am under no requirements to see your laws fit.
I see no agreement reached by coin or credits.
I have no desire for riches pictures of my grandeur or bitches.
You’ve heard about me in scripture but no words can decipher sinister.
You’re best efforts may dodge my effects, but I have nothing to live for and time I could lose.
I’ll wait in the chairs outside your office, I’m sure your secretary will welcome me. I’m humble, you see and I never get angry. I’m very loving as you sleep; invade your thoughts if you make a peep. I’m a cheap date at the right price; I don’t care for your excuses for abuses. Why of course from a born liar you have your uses. I suppose I can fit you in. I have appointment with all sorts, from porters to court lawyers. I don’t discriminate, I’m happy to accommodate and did I say you look great?
‘Do you have a second?’

‘I have a proposition.’
I’m sure you’ll agree, one way, even without your permission. The courts can’t hold me to the promises I’ve made. But I’ll practically pledge you anything.
Just let me in.
Promise me your sin and I won’t turn you in.
give me a ring we’ll organize a time. You can tell me your reasons in rhyme. Sympathetically my lips could sing you justifications some may even fly under the right situations. I’m your guy; whether you’re sky high headed or satin sheets bedded, you said it, bet it will be,
see me when you’re ready, steady and stable.
I’ll listen to your fables, dance upon the tables and sit in on your navel gazes.
But don’t trust them, I have evidence you may be interested in, might quiet that din indeed, on a need to know basis, basically it’s greatest.
But payments up front Aces are expensive trumps. Being blunt I don’t take well to grunts and moans. Pick up the fucking phone! I know when you’re not home. I can tell by your tone.
Glad we could do business. God can’t bless your little heart. You must know in part…

I own you



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